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 MIAD HOLDINGS  Gain the Whole World without Losing Your Soul

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MIAD membership has five levels and the all new "Contingent Membership. All new members start out at the Bronze Level. This is to help you get adjusted to the automatic monthly withdrawal and you can change your membership level up or down at anytime and as many time as you like. Please Note: that each time you decide to change your membership level you will be charge that levels amount at that time. We want to give our members the flexibility to find the savings level that's comfortable for them at their own pace. 

PLEASE NOTE: The contingent membership is for those who wish to take advantage of the option savings plans and/or are wanting to support this vision. Contingent members have access to certain restricted areas of this website and other valuable information.

Opening a MIAD storehouse account is a great way to start saving and/or the perfect way to diversify your current savings portfolio for those who desire to become the best Godly stewards they can be. You will enjoy all the money coaching tips and friendly community environment within the website and get the attention that you need to advance God's economic agenda for your life.

*All deposits include monthly membership and transaction fees. We will be pursuing several different funding options in the near future and decide on which ones best fit our needs as a community. Figures found on the MIAD Financials exclude these fees.

*Registration Process: Once you have completed our membership application and made your first deposit/payment your membership will show "pending." Once we have reviewed your electronic application and find no discrepancies your membership status will show approved. At this point your deposit/payment will be processed and your account will be officially active. You will receive two emails one welcoming you to the community and the second email contains your login information. You can now login to the site and change your preferences. You will then receive an email from us containing the signature portion of the membership application. Please read the entire document carefully and if you are in agreement then print it out and sign it. Then it must be mailed to the MIAD headquarters to be placed in your physical secure locked file in accordance with State regulations. Once we have received your signed application the membership process will be complete.

What Does Being a Member Mean

Becoming a MIAD member means your family. It also means that you are aware that God has called you to steward your resources better and that help is needed in order for you to do just that. For some it means you want to become apart of a community of people who believe that God has more for you to do particularly in your finances and that money plays a big part in your fulfilled you call and destiny. MIAD members are money smart people who amass to resources that takes them from being the borrower to becoming the lender. Because this takes time we are committed to helping each other achieve this very achievable goal.

Why Join

Joining MIAD comes with great responsibility. It requires you to learn about biblical stewardship and be an active part of our community. If you have yet any unfulfilled destiny then a wise master building understands how to build and who to build with. So if this is you not only should you join MIAD you should join today. So please pray and hear from God concerning whether or not you should become apart of this endeavour before filling out of the forms.

Ready To Get Started?

Start by filling out the form below with your email and security code then just follow the prompts to get your bronze membership. *Remember this is a monthly recurring charge to your bank account or credit card. NOTE: Optional Savings Plans are on the next page.

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Select membership level

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* Membership level

50% Perpetual Savings

This account is a designated as a perpetual savings account.

30% Peer 2 Peer Investing

This account is designated for borrowing, lending and Investing (MIAD Members Only)

10% MIAD Expenses

Monies earmarked for MIAD expenses i.e business licenses, software subscriptions etc.

10% Kingdom Treasury

This account is designated for use as a leveraged account only.

What Members are Saying

"The prosperity movement that hit the church in the 1980’s left prosperity in the pulpit but poverty in the pews! No one got rich except the preacher!!! But God is reviving and overhauling this spiritual move of prosperity! Jesus is gathering the “Repairers of the “Breech” to bring His truth regarding wealth, finance and mammon! Stewardship and management will be the spearhead of this move! Those that will work within the laws of prosperity (such as the ones found in 3rd John 1:2) will be made fat. Those that continue with their “something for nothing” mentalities will remain poor in all things!" - Apostle Nona Parker Joliet, IL

"I truly recommend this program to anybody who wants to start the process to change there life for the better concerning their finances the kingdom of God has an Economy!" - T. Bates Joliet, IL.

"MIAD has proven itself to be a truly ethical and profitable investment for the people it serves." - E. Coleman Joliet, IL.

"It's incredible how much we don't know about finances and how to manage our own finances! John, has done the research and has taking the time to understand finances beyond the basics. He's passionate about his mission to educate and teach others how financial literacy is necessary in the Kingdom of God!" - M. Howard San Diego CA.

"Excellent biblical information and instruction on getting and using finances as a tool for growth and development." - R. Bradley Cinti, OH.

"Operation Recover All, which includes the MIAD Fund is a cutting edge financial institution designed to educate the masses in money and wealth management. Since being a part of this outstanding group, my financial outlook has done a complete turn about! I Highly recommended this to all who are serious about making a change in their economy." - A. Cotton Joliet, IL.

"What can I say about this program. This program has changed the life of my family. John taught me how not to be afraid of my credit or my finances and stand up and take control all through biblical principles. In less than two months my credit score went up over 100 points and so did my wife's score. Three credit cards later, new car and money in the bank, we can see a bright future with our finances and taking back what the enemy has of ours, NOW." - D. Franklin Chicago, IL.

"MIAD ministry literally set the financial course for the Gate Church.  John Sidney Martin came down from Chicago with biblical wisdom and instruction which has caused us to experience growth in our finances! Not only is the church prospering but the people of The Gate are also prospering and are excited about giving!!!! You and your ministry will Benefit from this ministry!! It is backed by the Kingdom of God and has Heavens endorsement!! Kentucky Connect!!!!" - L. Peyton-Jarber Lexington, KY.

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