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 MIAD HOLDINGS  Gain the Whole World without Losing Your Soul

MIAD Financial Services

MIAD offers an array of financial services to its membership. We strive to be the best option for those who have trusted us. From money coaching with our founder and CEO John Sidney Martin to our bill payment services that will keep all your bills paid on time every time. Most of all our up and coming high powered lending platform that will offer a customizable way to borrow money with repayment plans that flow into what you're already doing. From general/personal loans to ministry, auto, real estate and business solutions that is custom tailored to the need.

Money Coaching

Yes Founder and CEO John Sidney Martin will personally coach you. He will be more than happy to get you off your current path and place you on the road to financial success in God. His success at using his expert knowledge of the Spirit of Mammon to educate his clients in a way that incite immediate action has proven to be the fuel thats need to arrest God's number enemy's power in the lives of God's people. Allow them to run their race as just and wise stewards of their God given resources.

Funding Solutions

Financial Funding Solutions is one way we serve our membership. We strive to offer better options such as low cost loans that fit your budget and payments that are easy as just increasing your monthly deposits. Below is a list of funding options that we hope to make available to our membership in early 2018. These low cost low interest loans will serve to meet the needs of those who maintain their MIAD Storehouse account in good standing for a period of one year or longer. Please See Videos below to see an example of how the process will work. Micro financing to Real Estate and Business loans MIAD members will have the opportunity to get it in on the action.  From small short term loans designed to defend you in emergency situations to Business Equity investments is just one of the many ways we serve our membership. We strive to offer better terms for low cost loans that fit the borrower's budget and payments that make it easy to repay.

Bill Payment Services

We offer members a bill payment service that allow you to have more worry free time. 
Do you need to simplify your life?
Do you travel a lot and miss due dates?
Do you have multiple addresses and pay bills in more than one state?
Are you someone else's payee or pay bills for friends or family?

(Optional Savings Plans)

  • We offer optional savings plan for the following areas. These optional plans are offered at the time of your initial application and cannot be changed until the time of monthly renewal.
  • Down Payments: Need help saving for a down payment on a new home, automobile or business.
  • Federal & State Taxes: Owe back taxes or own a business and need somewhere to set aside quarterly tax payments.
  • Vacation Clubs: Need and want to take a vacation but never have the money.
  • Education & Training: Now you can save for those Conferences, Seminars and Training's you have always wanted to attend.

What Makes MIAD Different

MIAD's unique way of teaching biblical principles and truths sets us apart from everyone else. We believe that the bible is the infallible word of God and therefore the greatest authority on money, wealth and prosperity. And it is this understand that gives us the ability to push past other systems that produce little to no results. This along with John Sidney Martin's approach to understanding Mammon and his tricks arms the believer with the information needed to be the best steward and money manager they can be for God's glory.

Coming Soon Lifestyle Packages

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